Our Team

Why do we do what we do? Why should mommies work with us?

Did you catch the part about over 91 years experience of helping families in the birth world? We love what we do! Our goals are YOUR goals. Let us help define your breastfeeding goals and help you to meet them head-on. Breastfeeding is hard! One day at a time, we can help you find a routine that works for your family. We may have years of experience, but YOU are the EXPERT on YOUR baby – because nobody knows and loves your baby more than you.

Our approach is family-centered so that you will indeed embrace this journey even if challenges come along. That’s why we are here. To hold your hand through those challenges, offering you possible solutions to press on as you journey to that next phase of feeding and parenting. Parenting is full of choices – how do you know what’s best for the baby? Trust your gut, seek education, then you decide.

We help you to be prepared through lactation education and connected with private, compassionate, evidence-based care. AND best of all, WE COME TO YOU! Imagine private care in the privacy of your home.

Years of Experience
Birth and Breastfeeding Classes taught
Couplets/Dyads Served

We are...

  • Lactation education, assessment, and support in the South Bend/Michiana Area
  • Ready to HELP
  • Connected to evidence-based advice & tips to help you find success
  • Ready to meet and connect with you via phone, virtual visit, or in-person consultation