What is BLC?

Lactation Education, Assessment and Support

As a team of International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) we are ready to use our skills and experience to assist you in all things breastfeeding-related! By providing personal consults and care plans, we believe we provide the best of care. We will meet with you before and/or after baby is born to develop a strategy for success!

We accept some insurance for home and virtual consults.
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We are just a phone call away to answer your basic questions. We can help. Schedule a phone consult with one of us today.


The handiwork of God, a new hand in yours!

What is BLC? – Birth & Lactation Connection

We provide lactation services. We also provide on-line birth classes in partnership with Lamaze International.

We know what’s normal and what’s not regarding the science and art of breastfeeding. Let us help you find success in your lactation journey.

Look below for a list of things we can help you with.

  • Preparing for your breastfeeding journey before birth

  • Encouraging your partner to be involved in your breastfeeding journey

  • How family & friends may support your journey

  • Determining and meeting your personal nursing goals

  • Nursing your first newborn baby

  • Nursing after a Cesarean birth

  • Understanding your baby’s normal nursing behaviors

  • Tweaking your baby’s nursing routine or schedule

  • Latching difficulties

  • Nursing with flat or inverted nipples

  • Wondering if baby is getting enough milk

  • Baby not gaining enough weight

  • Offering baby supplementation of expressed milk / formula

  • Breast engorgement

  • Painful breastfeeding

  • Sore or damaged nipples

  • Low milk supply

  • How to increase milk supply

  • Herbal options to help increase supply

  • Over milk supply

  • Nursing an older baby or toddler

  • Nursing while taking medications

  • Nursing with a medical condition

  • Nursing a premature baby / NICU graduate baby

  • Nursing through medical, dental procedures and surgeries

  • Returning to work

  • Pumping, expressing and storing breastmilk

  • Hand expression

  • Offering breastfed baby a bottle

  • Introducing solid foods

  • Nursing through pregnancy or tandem nursing siblings

  • Weaning from the breast

  • Adoptive nursing

  • Plugged ducts

  • Mastitis infection

  • Yeast infections (Thrush)

  • Nursing after a breast reduction surgery

  • Nursing after a breast augmentation surgery

  • Nursing twins/multiples

  • Relactation (starting over because you stopped for some reason)

  • Oral assessment of TOTS Tethered Oral Tissues (tongue or lip ties)

  • Suck training (low tone babies, and pre and post frenectomy)

  • Collaboration with allied health professionals for success

All of our advice is sound, evidence-based practice – not just popular opinions. You may think of us as superheroes to the rescue – but honestly, we think MOMS are the real heroes. Caring for a newborn is the hardest work in the world!
You and your baby deserve the best of care!

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