Let us help you prepare for your breastfeeding journey before the birth of your baby! Imagine a private prenatal lactation visit tailored to meet your specific needs. Our breastfeeding education will help you to be prepared for the early days and weeks that might be overwhelming. We allow plenty of time to go over your specific questions and concerns. These visits are usually virtual and may even be covered by your insurance. However, if you prefer a prenatal home visit, just let us know! You can be in the comfort of your own home. Some evening and weekend appointments are available. We look forward to empowering you with confidence in your breastfeeding journey! We recommend reaching out to us in your 7th month of pregnancy, but we are here whenever you want to connect.


We provide quality lactation care in all areas of breastfeeding. We help you define and reach your short and long-term breastfeeding goals. Some mothers find this natural way of feeding their baby is more difficult than they imagined. We help you find joy in the journey. We show you what’s normal and expected. We help you troubleshoot issues and find a routine that works for your family. From the early days of latching to the variety of uninvited challenges that may come your way, to the decision of weaning (months or years later); we are here for you!


Pumping is breastfeeding. Providing your nutritious milk for your baby is a gift to last a lifetime. It is a true labor of love no matter what your reason for doing it. You may be exclusively pumping since day one. This may be your planned choice or an unexpected decision you made for a number of different reasons. Regardless the reason, we will help you meet your goals with pumping tips and strategies for success. We can help with proper flange fitting and a routine that works for you. Perhaps you are partially pumping and occasionally you put baby to the breast too. Do you have questions about your specific pump? Bottle feeding? No need to figure this out alone. We got you. Let us help you with a private consultation.

Tongue Tie

There’s lots of talk and confusion around this topic. What are oral restrictions and how do I know if my baby has them and/or needs intervention to correct them? We provide a full functional assessment of both mother and baby. We provide information to help you navigate this topic to make informed decisions for the health of your breastfeeding relationship. We connect you to other local professionals as we collaborate with them in a multidisciplinary approach regarding your lactation care. Simply getting the tie “clipped” or even “lasered” is not an easy fix. We are here to provide pre and post lactation care to help you understand all the ins and outs, options, and treatment for optimal results.

Solid Foods

Is your baby grabbing at your dinner plate? Are well meaning friends and family members telling you to start feeding your baby solid foods, but you heard you should wait? How do you know if baby is ready for solids? Should you start with puréed food? What about real table food? And when do you breastfeed? Let’s discuss all the ins and outs of introducing solid foods. Get the camera ready. Sweet potato grins are moments you will want to remember! We are here for you in this journey of infant nutrition. 

Return to Work

We help you to sort out the details of how to continue breastfeeding when returning to the workforce. Let’s discuss your unique situation and how best to manage home, baby, pumping, bottles and work. It’s never easy but it’s doable with a plan and specific strategies in place. We are here to assist you at this life challenging time.


Let us assist you, wherever you are in your journey. We want to help you and your baby to thrive in breastfeeding - not just survive. Painful latch? Pumping? Supplementing with formula and/or pumped milk? Bottle refusal? Supply Concerns? Traveling? Frequent plugged ducts or mastitis? Questions? We are here for you! Trust our experience. 

Appointment Types

We can answer your questions and discuss concerns before and/or after baby’s arrival.
Choose below the most convenient way for us to help you!

Telephone Consults

  • 30 mins for $30
  • 60 mins for $50

Telephone consults are great for basic needs.

Virtual Consults

  • Initial 90 mins $120
    • Parent & Baby Intake - birth & feeding history
    • Visual Assessment of concerns and issues
    • Answer all your questions
    • Customized care plan
  • Follow up 45 mins $60
    • Assessment of  parent and baby
    • Answer all your questions
    • Modify care plan if needed

Home Consults

  • Initial 120 mins $200
    • Parent & Baby Intake Assessment
    •  Review birth & feeding history
    • Breastfeeding observation
    • Latch and Positioning Assistance
    • Hands on assessment during feeding
    • Pre/post weight checks
    • Functional oral assessment of baby
    • Answer all questions
    • Customized care plan
  • Follow up 60 mins $125
    • Assessment of parent and baby
    • Breastfeeding observation
    • Pre/post weight checks
    • Answer all questions
    • Modify care plan if needed

NOTE that once you schedule an appointment – we will send you consent and intake forms to fill out so that we are better prepared to begin serving you. Everything we do is private and HIPAA compliant. No worries!

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