Let us help you meet YOUR specific Breastfeeding goals.

Be prepared through education. Be connected with private, evidence-based care.

Connecting you to quality Lactation Care via phone, virtually, or in the privacy of your home!

Telephone Consults

  • 30 mins for $30
  • 60 mins for $50

Telephone consults are great for basic needs. We can answer your questions and discuss concerns before/after baby’s arrival.

Virtual Consults

  • Initial 90 mins $120
    • Parent & Baby Intake - birth & feeding history
    • Visual Assessment of concerns and issues
    • Answer all your questions
    • Customized care plan
  • Follow up 45 mins $60
    • Assessment of  parent and baby
    • Answer all your questions
    • Modify care plan if needed

Home Consults

  • Initial 120 mins $200
    • Parent & Baby Intake Assessment
    •  Review birth & feeding history
    • Breastfeeding observation
    • Latch and Positioning Assistance
    • Hands on assessment during feeding
    • Pre/post weight checks
    • Functional oral assessment of baby
    • Answer all questions
    • Customized care plan
  • Follow up 60 mins $125
    • Assessment of parent and baby
    • Breastfeeding observation
    • Pre/post weight checks
    • Answer all questions
    • Modify care plan if needed

NOTE that once you schedule an appointment – we will send you consent and intake forms to fill out so that we are better prepared to begin serving you. Everything we do is private and HIPAA compliant. No worries!

Click here to learn what to expect at a Home Visit

Before Baby Arrives Services

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Payment: We accept major credit cards and HSA cards. We will provide a Superbill so that YOU may submit it to your insurance company for possible reimbursement. Check with your insurance company to see what your lactation benefits might be prior to scheduling appointments with us.