Herbal Blend


Special proprietary trademarked Herbal Blend to help increase breast milk supply in lactating women


100% organic, gluten-free, soy-free, non GMO, sugar free, alcohol free herbal blend of Fenugreek, Marshmallow Root, Moringa, Blessed Thistle, Shatavari, Milk Thistle, Fennel Seed

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Because life is hard, Making milk is hard. Sometimes you may need a boost to your supply during certain times (illness, back to work, periods returned, stress, holidays, missed pumpings or feedings)


Whenever the need arises from life events listed above - Take 1 measured teaspoon daily, preferably prior to breakfast. You should see results in a few days… You may also safely increase the dosage by repeating the same amount in the evening


Prepared by a master herbalist, Naturopath, In connection with a Board Certified Lactation Consultant. This carefully formulated blend has proven results. These natural herbal galactogues are known world-wide to boost milk supply.


Testimonial about the Herbal Blend

I've always struggled to nurse my babies but most of the trouble was with my anatomy and overproduction. I never thought I'd have trouble with not making enough so when I dropped to making 1/2 oz after my baby's revision at 6 weeks old, I was scared I'd have to give up breastfeeding. Gemma had been working with me as my lactation consultant and told me about Lactation Sensation Herbal Blend. This stuff is AMAZING and worked very quickly for me. Combined with power-pumping, the herbal blend had my production doubling every 4 days or so. A few times since then when he has hit a growth spurt or I feel the need, I've taken the blend to give my production a boost. It saved my breastfeeding relationship with my son and today we're still going strong. 

Jeny Mester Martin 

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* Mothers may also request a private consult with an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. (IBCLC)

We can assist mothers with specific strategies to increase milk supply.

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